The White Company


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The Simplicity of White Bed Linen… and More!

The White Company was born from the creative vision of Chrissie Rucker. Twenty years ago, she was searching for new bed linen, principally in white. She was unable to source anything that met her needs, so decided to begin creating her own instead.

The brand, which initially started as predominantly a supplier of high-quality linens, gradually expanded into other areas. Interestingly, the White Company’s range has shifted in response to changes in Chrissie’s own life. The birth of her first child prompted her to introduce simple, timeless baby clothing, bedding and toys. When she struggled to find clothes to wear when back at work, or out with friends, she simply designed her own.

The Universal Appeal of White

There’s something satisfying about the colour white; or at least certainly when used in homeware or clothing. It’s synonymous with purity and simple, unadorned class; but it also has a freshness and clarity that no other colour can match. Of course, white also provides the perfect backdrop for virtually any other shade; from vibrant hues to pastels.

It’s exactly this that makes the White Company such a popular brand; it is quite literally the place to go if you’re looking for simple, sophisticated white homeware and clothing.

Luxury, Detail and Finish

Luxurious material, high attention to detail and crisp, clean finish are very much what set the White Company apart from other brands. The company has remained true to its original vision, and when you shop online or enter one of their high street stores, you’ll immediately notice that you’re enveloped in a sea of clean, uncluttered, tranquil white!
All the products bear a sense of simplicity and understated elegance. Where colour is used, it’s used with restraint; with soft dove-greys, bleached denim blues and gentle fawn-browns.

The White Company Range

20 years after its inception, the White Company has dramatically broadened its range. In addition to its iconic linen and towelling, the store now sells an extensive range of clothing for adults and children, furniture, homewares, candles, fragrances and more.

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