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Smythson is one of the UK’s best known suppliers of designer leather bags, diaries, notebooks and other accessories. First established in 1887, this luxury British brand has remained true to its original design concepts, offering practical, functional items that showcase a distinct sense of fashion-forward style. The company has a flagship store in London’s Bond Street, in addition to a number of other shops and outlets across the world.

The Bond Street Bag

The first Smythson store was opened in 1887, at 133 Bond Street, and its ‘Bond Street bag’, launched in 1900, swiftly became a firm favourite. Featuring small handle, plenty of storage space and a classically British design, it was advertised as the bag that would ‘always hold just a little bit more’ – and its functionality appealed to the people of pre-war Britain. Just a few years later, the company released their first featherweight diary, designed to be carried easily in a pocket or handbag.

Famous Followers

Over the years, Smythson has developed a firm fanbase, featuring politicians and Prime Ministers, celebrities, and even royal family members. Queen Victoria reportedly used Smythson products on a regular basis, and the current Royal Family also regularly invest in their bags and diaries. Indeed, to date, the company has received three Royal Warrants. In addition to royal interest, Smythson is also admired by a number of celebrities, including Sir Edmund Hillary, Grace Kelly and Madonna.

Luxury British Brand

The Smythson range has extended considerably since the early 1900s, and now features a number of items for men and women, including purses, wallets, bags, organisers and smartphone cases. They also stock a wide range of beautiful stationery, such as anniversary and wedding cards. If you’d like to explore their products online, or simply want to find out more about this luxury British brand, please visit Smythson’s website & BUY NOW.