Royal Warrants: The Ultimate Mark of a Luxury British Brand


Hello and welcome to the very first Luxury British Brands Blog.

I thought that for my first post I would tell you my future readers about how Luxury British Brands was born, and share some of our hopes, goals and aspirations for this blog. As we are talking about British brands I also thought it might be fun to include stories about a few of the traditions and customs still very much alive and well in England.

One day last spring I was sitting by lake Geneva having coffee with a dear Swiss friend who had just returned from a shopping trip to London. She was telling me with great enthusiasm how much she had enjoyed visiting several of the shops I had told her about. These were The White Company, India Jane, and the lovely N. Peal cashmeres.

“You should write a blog about all the great English brands you love”

This was not the first time friends had come to me asking for advice on where to shop in London. I decided then and there that this would be a great idea! The pursuit of lovely things is in accordance with a Motto I try to practice: “Have nothing in your home that is not beautiful or useful.“ What a wonderful excuse to tell people about the things I love.

In order to get into the spirit of things, and as many of the lovely brands we will be reviewing have the Royal Warrant, I am kicking off with little about what this means and why it is so highly prized.

Royal Warrants: The Ultimate Mark of a Luxury British Brand

As you might expect, the Royal Family have suitably regal tastes when it comes to the products they use. The Royal Warrant (a fascinating British tradition) is only given to companies that have supplied their products to the Crown for 5 years or more.

A Royal Warrant is, of course, a high accolade to receive. When awarded the Royal Warrant, companies can proudly display the fact on all their promotional materials and products – letting the world know that they’re deemed a true luxury British brand. After all, what could be more prestigious than getting the official seal of approval from the Queen herself?

The History of the Royal Warrant.

thGenerally speaking, it’s considered that the approval of products is a fairly modern practice. However, it might surprise you to know that actually, the Royal Warrant (or a form of it) has been around for centuries. Believe it or not, esteemed suppliers to the sovereign have been officially recognised by their appreciative monarchs since the Middle Ages. The earliest form of Royal Warrant, called the Royal Charter, was given to the Weaver’s Company, back in 1155.

However, it was during Queen Victoria’s time that the Royal Warrant first began to gather steam. In fact, during her reign, over 1,000 were granted to various UK companies. Obviously, Queen Victoria was a woman who knew a luxury British brand when she saw one!

Who Makes the Cut?

There are hundreds of UK companies on the Royal Warrant list, some more predictable than others. Prestigious art materials suppliers, Windsor & Newton, are on there. So too are Fortnum & Mason, The London Ritz, Burberry (a classic British luxury brand!) and Barbour.

However, the list of companies holding a Royal Warrant also holds some surprising entries. The rather less glamorous include BT, Carphone Warehouse, Coca Cola and Dairy Crest.

The Future of the Royal Warrant?

6824926723_eda3daf9e4_zAlthough most luxury British brands with Royal Warrants make full use of the fact by advertising it on their merchandise, some companies are now adopting a different approach. Although After Eights Chocolates and Jacob’s Cream Crackers still hold a Royal Warrant, they’ve taken it off their packaging, which marks an interesting stance towards the accolade.

However, one thing is certain – whether or not a company chooses to actively promote their Royal Warrant or not… it’s most definitely the mark of a superior quality brand. And if it’s good enough for the Royal Family, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us!

Luxury British Brands with Royal Warrants

Of course, many of the companies featured on our site have prestigious Royal Warrants, as you might expect, given we specialise in featuring only the best brands in the country! If you’d like to browse some of the Queen’s personal favourites, please view the Luxury British Brands site today.