Nina Campbell

nina campbell

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Nina Campbell is one of the most well-loved luxury British brands, with an extensive range of furniture, fabrics, carpets and even vintage antiques available on her online store. The company was set up by one of the world’s most influential interior designers, Nina Campbell, who at the age of 70, still continues to offer her design services to both home owners and businesses.

Inspired by Sybil Colefax & John Fowler

Nina Campbell first started designing at the age of 19, in the midst of the swinging 60s. She initially worked for Sybil Colefax and John Fowler, a prestigious interior design company, before branching out on her own. Campbell opened her first retail store in Knightsbridge, which still remains popular to this day, though in recent years, her website has become equally as popular with her followers. Part of Campbell’s appeal is her passion about tailoring interior designs to the client, reflecting their own unique lifestyle.

Spectacular Furniture

Over the years, this luxury British brand has developed a strong sense of unique style. Nina Campbell’s furniture range caters for all areas of the house, from living rooms and kitchens to libraries and bars. Her range is exclusive, and often features opulent, textural materials, polished woods and deceptively simple forms.

In addition to her range of new furniture pieces, Campbell’s team source beautiful vintage and antique pieces, which can be seen on her site. She has also recently launched a range in SteinMart, a US company, which will hopefully be available in the UK in the future.

Luxury British Brand – Fabrics and Carpets

In addition to her furniture range, Nina Campbell also specialises in beautiful fabrics, wallpapers and carpets. Her signature Jalousie rug is inspired by intricate Islamic fretwork, and her fabrics range from quintessentially British floral designs, to bold, vibrant colours.

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