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Over the years, N Peal has become synonymous with high quality cashmere. This luxury British brand has risen from humble beginnings to become a celebrity favourite, with A-listers such as Daniel Craig, Kate Moss and Marilyn Monroe listing N Peal among their favourite clothes designers. These days, the company sells its products through its four London-based stores, and of course, via its online shop.

War-Time Brand

N Peal originally formed in 1936, after its founder, Nat Peal, noticed that there was a vacant shop in London’s prestigious Burlington Arcade. During the war, Peal was stationed in the Shetlands, where he was able to stock his new shop with beautiful sweaters, woven from the soft wool of Scotland’s famous sheep.

Celebrity Favourite

As the years went on, N Peal began to be the premier luxury British brand for a number of celebrities and A-listers, with Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner and Cary Grant wearing its stylish cashmere garments. Even Jackie Kennedy was a fan of the company; a woman known throughout the world for her classic sense of style. In the 1980s and 90s, the brand was championed by people such as Princess Diana, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Grace of Monaco, and the trend for N Peal clothing still continues to this day. The Duchess of Cambridge is often seen wearing N Peal’s clothes, and one of their tops was even featured in a James Bond movie.

Modern Fashion Direction

In 2007, N Peal appointed Sara Berman as head designer, which led the brand to exciting new areas. Berman introduced bolder, more modern designs, whilst still remaining true to the quintessential Englishness of this luxury British brand.

Wide Range

Nowadays, N Peal boasts a range of clothing for men and women, in addition to a selection of cashmere homeware, including throws, cushions and even hot water bottles.

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