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lyle & scott

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These days, this luxury British brand has a thoroughly modern feel, designing sharp, stylish clothes for men. However, the company has been in operation for over 140 years, and its heart very much lies in Scotland. Over the years, the company has developed a strong reputation for high quality and design, and in 1975, was appointed the Royal Warrant by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh.

Humble Beginnings

Lyle & Scott was originally established in 1874, by William Lyle and Walter Scott. Originally a knitwear company, it was set up in Hawick, a small town in the Scottish borders. In the 50 years that followed, the company grew, expanding into other areas of fashion, and by 1954, they were collaborating with names such as Yves Saint Laurent, Liberty and Chanel.

Their golfing ‘Golden Eagle’ range in the 1960s won them admiration from some of golfs leading figures, and from the 80s onwards, the brand began to become popular with younger people, thanks to its sharp, simple styles, with an all-important note of British edginess.

Luxury British Brand for Men

These days, Scott & Lyle focuses on producing sweaters, outerwear and tees for men, most of which are adorned with their iconic ‘eagle’ symbol. They also have a range of shoes and accessories, and have recently launched a sports range, with base layers, outerwear, trousers and tops. The sports range also features clothing for women.

There is also a small selection of clothing for boys, with bold, vibrant colours and eye-catching designs.

Simple but Effective

Lyle & Scott have established themselves as a brand associated with ‘authentic’ style, and to this day, retain a strong sense of personality and identity.

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