Lulu Guinness

Lulu guiness

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Luxury British brands are often celebrated for their quirky, eccentric styles – and Lulu Guinness epitomises this gloriously off-the-wall approach perfectly. Her range of handbags, clutches and other accessories are often valued not just as fashion items, but valuable collectibles of the future, with bold colours, geometric lines, and tongue-in-cheek designs.

Worldwide Acclaim

Jane ‘Lulu’ Guinness was the daughter of a Baronet, who launched her first bag design in 1989, without any formal art or fashion training. Initially, her concept was to create a briefcase for women – however, this design transformed in development, creating the vintage-inspired Rose Basket bags, which are now considered collector’s items. News of Guinness’s designs swiftly spread, and within a few years, she was opening stores across the world, in locations such as Tokyo and New York.

Daring to be Different

One of Lulu Guinness’s most well-known designs is the classic red lips clutch, which was inspired by her love of all things related to Surrealist art. To this day, Guinness acknowledges that she was greatly inspired by the Surrealist fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, and her catchphrase still remains ‘dare to be different’. Lulu Guinness has a number of celebrity followers, including Alexa Chung, Dita Von Teese, Florence Welch and Helena Bonham Carter – all of whom exemplify Guinness’s own fierce, feisty sense of style.

Totes, Shoppers and Backpacks

Lulu Guinness’s range now includes a wide variety of different styles – from formal satchels with a single playful feature, to textural shoulder bags and cute clutches. She also has a range of luggage items and purses, all with bold, uncompromising designs and a light-hearted demeanour. If you’d like to find out more about this iconic luxury British brand or the designer herself, please visit Lulu Guinness’s website today & BUY NOW.