LK Bennett

l k bennett

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Classically British Brand

L.K Bennett can be found in countries across the world, but its heart still remains very much in the UK. Since the opening of its first store in Wimbledon village, the brand has expanded to Paris, the States, Spain and the United Arab Emirates, but its range is still faithful to the quintessentially ‘British’ look; with delicate floral patterns, shades inspired by the British seasons, and simple, elegant cuts.

Traditional British Design Meets Icelandic Inspiration

The company’s founder, Linda Kristin Bennett, was the daughter of a British fashion retailer and an Icelandic sculptor. Although the brand has always reflected Bennett’s love of English design, there is also a note of the quirky, the daring and the forward-thinking in her ranges, which may well be inspired by her Icelandic heritage.

In 2008, Bennett joined forces with Robert Bensoussan, to take the brand further in the global market and enable more people across the world to enjoy high-quality UK fashion. It now operates in 166 branded locations across the globe; though 114 of those still remain firmly rooted on British soil.

Celebrating Fashion and Function

When designing their ranges, L.K. Bennett often look to the British seasons for inspiration. Summer designs are all about capturing the vibrancy of English floral displays, and winter garments encapsulate the subtle, classic colours associated with the season.

However, each piece is designed with practicality in mind; with dresses ideal for outdoor parties, handbags suitable for practical use when shopping and shoes that remain elegant, whilst comfortable. Indeed, L.K. Bennett wasn’t nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Kitten-Heel’ for nothing!

British Luxury Brand at its Best

L.K. Bennett remains a firm favourite with those looking for a classic, sophisticated look, with an often playful designer twist. In addition to its range of women’s clothing, it also creates accessories, shoes and bridal wear.

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