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Hunter boots

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Hunter Boots is a luxury British brand that’s often regarded as one of the finest manufacturers of rubber wellington boots in the country. Their iconic boot style, created using many of the original techniques developed in the early 19th century, is renowned across the world. These days, their range of boots feature fun, colourful designs, making them a firm favourite of workers, sporting fans and A-listers alike.

Humble Beginnings

The company first opened in 1856, with just 4 members of staff. It was the brainchild of Henry Lee Norris, an American businessman, who launched the brand in Scotland. However, the popularity of Hunter Boots swiftly grew, and within two decades of opening, its workforce had swelled from 4 to 600.

Throughout both the First and Second World Wars, their boots were used to help protect the feet of the soldiers, and they also became widely used by workers across the country, thanks to their hard-wearing, practical wearability.

The Original Green Wellington

In 1956, Hunter Boots created their ‘Original Green Wellington’, which is now widely recognised as one of the most iconic boot designs in the world. Crafted using 28 separate components, and featuring the trademark small heel and strap at the top, the design is still very much in use today.

However, in the 21st century, the range has expanded significantly. Now, they offer wellington boots for men, women and children, in a wide variety of styles; including with fashion wedge heels, in different lengths, and of course, different designs and colours.

Additional Ranges

In addition to their footwear, Hunter Boots also feature a range of other items on their website, including outerwear, bags, hats, socks and even umbrellas. They’re frequently worn by celebrities at festivals, and they’re also highly regarded by the Royal Family, with an official Royal Warrant to prove it!

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