Hamleys by Charles D P Miller

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London’s most celebrated toy store, and indeed, one of the most famous toy suppliers in the world, Hamleys is a luxury British brand that has delighted children for over 250 years. Situated on the city’s busy Regent Street, it features over 5 floors of every kind of toy imaginable, and is a ‘must see’ venue for all children, especially near Christmas time. Moving with the times, Hamleys now has a website, with a comprehensive selection of toys in stock.

Cornish Roots

Given that this luxury British brand is so firmly entrenched in London, it’s surprising to learn that the founder, William Hamley, grew up in Cornwall. In 1760, he set up his first store in High Holburn, London, then called ‘Noah’s Ark’, which became a firm favourite with wealthy Bloomsbury families. In 1881, his descendants opened a new store in Regent Street, renaming it ‘Hamleys’. Back then, it was officially the largest toy shop in the world.

Post-War Troubles

After the First World War, Hamleys struggled to remain open, and in 1931, it was finally forced to close. However, in 1938, Walter Lines (chairman of the Tri-Ang company) purchased the store, and set about returning it to its former glory. Amazingly, despite being bombed no less than 5 times during the Second World War, the shop survived. To this day, it remains a firm favourite of Queen Elizabeth II, who still purchases toys from Hamleys for members of her family, and has awarded the shop a Royal Warrant.

Luxury British Brand

These days, Hamleys not only has a store in London, but in various locations across the world, including Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Online, it stocks a vast selection of toys for children of all ages, from pre-schoolers to young teens. If you’d like to find out more about this luxury British brand and explore their online range, simply visit the Hamleys website & BUY NOW.