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fortnum & mason

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Fortnum & Mason, situated in the heart of central London, is a quintessentially British luxury brand. Originally opened in 1707, the company has always been associated with royalty, and to this day, continues to supply high-end goods to the royal household. Although originally a grocery store, the brand has since diversified, and now sells a wide variety of products, including cosmetics and household items.

When Fortnum Met Mason

In 1705, Hugh Mason took in a lodger, a footman to Queen Anne, who was called William Fortnum. Fortnum, in addition to serving the royal household, was also something of an entrepreneur, and started to make a profit selling Queen Anne’s half used candle wax to the general public. From these humble beginnings, Fortnum & Mason was formed.

Famous Products

Of course, these days, Fortnum & Mason are most celebrated for their luxury hampers, which are still favoured by people across the world, particularly at Christmas time. However, in the 1700s, they were particularly renowned for inventing the Scotch Egg – a concept they came up with when considering suitable food products for travellers leaving London. In 1794, they operated a postal service – a full 45 years before the General Post Office first opened. And in 1886, they were responsible for introducing one of the country’s staple products to the market – Heinz Baked Beans.

Luxury British Brand

These days, Fortnum & Mason still remains first and foremost a high-end grocery department store, with a luxurious food hall, an astonishing array of teas and coffees from around the world, and of course, their trademark high-end hampers. However, they also stock a wide range of beauty products, household items and gifts. In addition to their London store, they also have a website, where all their products can be purchased. To explore their range, simply visit the Fortnum & Mason website & BUY NOW.