Aga Cookshop


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An Aga is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after appliances in any kitchen in the UK. These beautiful cookers are not only ideal for roasting, slow-cooking and developing flavour in foods, but also provide a rustic, elegantly British look in the home. Available in a range of colours, they’ve become the cooker of choice in country cottages and London penthouses alike.

Aga Cookshop is a fantastic luxury British brand, specialising in accessories and products to use with Aga cookers. Its products are designed to help people get the most from their Aga, without compromising on style.

Luxury British Brand

The Aga range still remains essentially very British in personality. Indeed, all Aga cookers are still manufactured at the company’s foundry in Shropshire, which is now part of a UNESCO protected site.

Aga’s range of cookware has been developed by experts, and many of its key items, including its cast iron pots, are made alongside the cookers at the foundry. In addition to the beautifully coloured cast iron cookware range, the company also stocks sleek stainless steel pots and pans, cast aluminium products, and ceramic coated aluminium items, which are reminiscent of rural French cookware.

Extensive Range

This British luxury brand doesn’t only stock a wide range of pots, saucepans and dishes designed for Agas. It also stocks a wide range of textiles, including gauntlets, double oven gloves and tea towels, useful cleaning products, and other accessories for the kitchen.

Although the range is high quality, Aga Cookshop’s focus is still very much on offering affordable style for their customers.

Getting the Most from Your Aga

Aga Cookshop are dedicated to helping Aga cooker owners get the most from their cooking experience, and to release the potential of their classically British oven.

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